Hina Mauka Teen Care

4 Summer Activities For Your Teen

Summer Camp – Identify what your teen would enjoy from a list of local academic or athletic camps or programs offered during the break. New friendships can be created and old friendships can be strengthened. Camps offer opportunities for teens to challenge themselves and develop new skillsets. If you’re looking for a physical activity to keep your teen busy then summer camps might be a good place to start!

Volunteering – Getting your teen involved in service opportunities is more than keeping them busy. Working in hospitals, retirement homes, animal shelters, and food banks is beneficial because they can always use a helping hand, but also because of what your teen could learn and take away from a volunteering experience. To experience what it feels like to be a contributing community member and by giving back is one of the most effective ways of building empathy, compassion, and altruism in your teen.

Household Chores – This one may take a bit of convincing to get them started, but being involved in taking care of household responsibilities is a skill that has many benefits. Whether it is after high school or years later, eventually your teen will have to spread their wings and live on their own. They will have to do these things for themselves eventually, so it makes practical sense that they develop the skills and willingness to complete household chores earlier rather than later. More importantly it will instill in your teen a sense of responsibility and ownership of their actions. These skills will echo throughout their lifetimes, as we are fully aware, and get have lasting impacts on their success.

Summer Jobs – Part time employment is a great way for your teen to build their resume, learn about responsibility, as well as make some money. You can help look for jobs you think your teen would like or excel in or jobs what would help your teen grow in areas that they may lack confidence and experience in. By moving lawns or walking dogs they can get into business for themselves and learn about what it’s like to run a small business.